Again, more Mucha!

So, as you might be able to tell from today's comic, I've been really into Mucha lately and have been doing work based on his style. This picture is one such piece that I decided to doodle on a piece of recycled paper and then color with pens (I never use pens!). I think it turned out pretty well, all things considered!

Much Too Much Mucha


So as you may have noticed from today's comic, the euphoria of finally having a working computer was stunted slightly by the slight technicality that my motherboard and/or CPU arrived in a markedly less than desirable state. I have since sent both back to newegg.com, which has been amazingly accommodating, or replacements. I am hoping (hoping!!!) that when the parts come back all goes well.

Hug Part


The awaited day!

So today is the day that I can put my slightly impaired laptop to rest and bask in the glory that will be my new desktop! Although the status on the UPS tracking page hasn't updated from "in transit to Tucson" for 24 hours, I have faith that my computer shall arrive as predicted! Simply thinking about once again having a system to ground me and act as my "home base"is enough to dizzy an already food starved head!

Christmas, you've got nothing on the anticipation I feel right now!



So you may have noticed I haven't updated in a while...

That would be because my computer decided to poop out and I've been fairly frazzled as a result. It seems like iMacs don't have the cooling that might be ideal to keep them from melting their video cards. In any case, although I haven't been updating, I have been drawing comics, so I will take this time to post the ones that I missed!