A day on the mountain

I have owed a friend of mine a painting for quite some time and being that she loves both Lilo & Stitch and snowboarding this seemed like the most appropriate manifestation of that favor.

The inking was done quite some time ago and I finally got around to watercoloring it as part of my watercolor revitalization. Hurrah!



Disney Update

Here are a few more sketches for the Disney competition. I'll post another big batch in the next couple of days.


Miss Step

I was recently perusing some of my artist bookmarks and rediscovered the genius of James Jean. Naturally, I was inspired and decided to draw something!

This sketch, cliche as it may be, is about love lost and the emotional plummet that it can cause. I'm hoping that I get around to painting it soon, although with the Disney deadly coming up fast, it might have to go on hold for a bit!