Over the weekend I had the opportunity to head to Colorado to enjoy two of my favorite things. Making art and snowboarding. Here are pictures of each!


Animal sketches

A few more twilight hour sketches. For some reason I had bears in my head all day and so I took a look at some Brother Bear art when I got off work. That, in turn, led me down an animal caricature spiral, which you can see here.



A few quick face studies. Nothing fancy, just playing around with some shapes.


Olympus '82

I've been working on a few pieces for an upcoming show and I finally got around to finishing them this evening. Can't go wrong with Greek deities. Or Mucha, for that matter.

The show is called "The Little People Project" and is themed around pieces of art no larger than 7". Truth be told, I usually find myself doodling in a tiny moleskin so it was a really fun project to work on. There are lots of other fantastic artists in the show, which will be held in Tucson, AZ at Lulubell: Toy Bodega.

Here is the finishes piece as well as a detail of Hera. For the skin I played around with using an acrylic wash of similar color to the paper I was working on which resulted in an almost metallic sheen when the light hits the piece. You can't really tell in the detail, but it's really quite cool.

The Titan was just a doodle on the back of the mat board.


The Deep

A few sketches for a personal project I'm working on right now!


More sketches!

I know I haven't done so well with comic updates, but here are a few sketches!


Another day, more sketches

Hello world! A couple more sketches from the twilight hours after work! This time I went ahead and busted out the prisma colors. Nothing too fancy, but a lot of fun to play with some color!


After work sketches

Took some time after work today to just sketch out a few ideas that had been itching at me.


Character Sketches

A few character sheets I sketched out earlier today.

More Cards.

Just finished another card design. Here ya' go!

I finished this one a bit ago to match the Christmas cards I did but forgot to post it.


Happy New Year!

I realize that these wishes are two days belated but I hope you will forgive me this breech of New Years code. As per my resolution to maintain at least the semblance of a regular comic I am submitting my first installment of the New Year. Complete with color and photoshop filters! I am going to try to start accompanying this submission with an update/commentary/and all of the other content one is apt to find nestled in the pages of a blog.

That said I am going to humbly submit a formal I.O.U. for this particular update in true New Year resolution fashion!

(I promise I'll make good on it, though... no really, I mean it!)