The Beast

A quick sketch.


More robots, more fun!

So about a month ago I submitted a few robot designs to a cool contest hosted by Demiurge studios for their upcoming game Shoot Many Robots. The artist of the winning design gets to take a trip to their studio over in Cambridge, MA and their design will be incorporated into the game as DLC. Pretty cool for a contest and I'm really excited to be able to say that one of the designs I submitted was picked to be a finalist in the competition!

Here is the original design and a quick painting of it:

The final leg of the competition is apparently going to be handled through a public voting forum that opens up this coming Tuesday. So, if you like the design and want to see it in the game, want to support my desire to be a game artist, or just want to check out the game and some of the other cool designs, head over and show your support!


Quick work Sketch

Space is the final frontier, but Mickey apparently already has a stylin' ride to cruise around in it!

This was inspired by the absolutely fantastic work of Florian Satzinger. Check him out. Seriously.


Milkshakes and Duckey duck... goose?

Went to lunch with my roommate today and we got milkshakes, they were delicious. Then I came home... and drew this. My roommate. As a duck. Enjoy!


Another robot design!

And so I find myself painting once more in the wee hours of the night. Although I know I should be saving my strength for an upcoming battle of man vs extreme obstacle course it's just so darn fun to paint. Or at least try to in photoshop!