New Year's Resolution

2010 was an amazing year with so many things that happened I think I'll have to devote quite a lot more time to that post than I have at the moment. Presently, though, I'd like to discuss New Year's resolutions.

These simple goals mark a desire for a fresh start. A chance to improve one's lot or one's self. A dream that can be as grand as saving the whales or as small as remembering to take out the trash on time. These dreams reflect a desire to make something of the New Year. Something better and amazing. Something that often times falls by the wayside by the end of February.

With that said, my own personal goal for 2011 is to begin updating this very blog more regularly. But I'm not going to stop there! I am going to post a new comic every single day! Ok, that might be a bit too ambitious, but expect a new comic at least 3 times a week. To start it off, here's my "pre New Years" addition to the pages of Oolong history.


Happy Holidays

The holidays have always been one of my favorite times of the year. It's a time when you step back from the rush of the everyday to spend time with family and friends and enjoy the important things in life.

Also, presents.

Not just receiving them but giving, because that's what it's all about, right? Giving. And this year giving for me took the form of a little Disney Christmas Card set which I thought I would share here as well.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Oh, and here's a Santa illustration I had done earlier!


Personal Work

I've finally decided to buckle down and work on a few personal illustrations, starting with one that I began 6 or so months ago. Posting the in progress, will hopefully have something more substantial soon!



Something for Friday morning...


A few sketches

Here are a couple sketches I did last night in my spiffy new A4 Moleskin with a spiffy new colored pencil (and not so colored pencil).


A night of art

Here are a few of the sketches I did for the "daily doodle" theme over at my Tucson art group blog.
The themes were "friendship," "cheaters," and "vehicular animals."


comic books are cool

And so is associated fan art!


Labor Day Flier

Did this for a Labor Day BBQ I was going to host at my apartment. According to the most recent newsletter there should be all of... 5 people not out of town. More burgers for me and my roommate!


Architecture Sketch!

Trying my hand at including architecture in my work! Granted, it's a pretty simple house but it's a start!

Late night sketch

20K leagues is a long way to go under the sea


Daily Doodle - Mermaid


I have a friend. Her favorite movie is Ratatouille (well, animated movie) and she tutts. What can I say?


House in a valley

Another night, another sketch! This time, it's a house!



Bobby Chiu and Chris Sanders recently hosted a contest over at sketchoholic based on the theme "nightmares." This is the piece I submitted and the original line work.


Doodle from the deep

Continuing on with my tablet exercises. This piece was done for a small art group I'm working with based on the theme: octopus.


Getting Settled

I recently moved out to Glendale, CA (Sunday, in fact) to start an internship with Walt Disney Imagineering. Even more exciting than that, though, I finally bought a new Wacom tablet to replace what was most likely a relic from the stoneage. As I don't actually start working until next week I've had a lot of time on my hands, and most of that time has been thrown at continuing my quest for teaching myself how to paint in photoshop!

Here are a couple of the pieces I've done so far. The first is a spin on little red riding hood.

And the second is just a portrait study. I had a self portrait as well, but I managed to delete it in my photoshopping fury.


Trying to get my photoshop on.


Thank you Chris Sanders

So the other day I went with my friends Chris Newberg and Rachel "Word" Wordelman to go see How to Train your Dragon as they had not yet seen it. Myself and my Chris absolutely loved the movie, especially the art directing (again, thank you Chris Sanders) and the story telling. Word enjoyed the movie as well, but was not as impressed with this Dreamworks masterpiece as she had been with Shrek. I suppose there's something to say about the power of pop.

In any case, we all went out to lunch after the movie and as per usual outings I ended up sketching a few things. Unfortunately, I had not brought my sketchbook so I had to settle for napkins.


Work Training

Started training today for another Census job and let me be the first to say that the government is not very liberal with the entertainment factor of their training courses. At the very least, it does afford some time to catch up on sketching.


Vietnamese food

While grabbing lunch with my good friend Alex at a local Vietnamese food restaurant I realized that it would be very frustrating to be an animal with all of the "don't feed the animal signs around." As such, it makes sense that animals would adapt to simply eating the signs. That's what I'd do.


They carry it all on their backs

They say an elephant never forgets, and how could they when all of their thoughts watch over them, hanging on a tree forever grounded on their backs.


Fun with Ink

Came across a graffiti art book today and was inspired to try out some ink work.


Panda Boss

Quick photoshop doodle to try out working digitally.



A friend of mine asked me to decorate a card playing mat for him based on a Magic the gathering card called "Glimpse the Unthinkable." This is the finished piece done with ballpoint pen and marker.


Lulubell art bodega!

The opening over at Lulubell went really well. Thank you to everyone who came and showed their support! Here are the two pieces that I have hanging out there!



Working on a t-shirt design for a campus sustainability group based in the good ol AZ desert. Here's my first take on it.


Heads will roll

As a tribute to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song, "Heads Will Roll" I made this bookmark. Although inspired by the song I decided to draw my influence for the bookmark from Dia de los Muertos.


There's "video game" in the title. You're not overdressed.

A day at the zoo

Another day, another zoo trip. Only had an hour so there's not a lot of breadth to the sketches, but I cleaned up the pages after the fact and added a few design elements. Ok, they're squares. I added squares.


Art night 3.8.10

Hung out last night with a few of my art buddies breaking in my new table, eating, drinking and generally having a good time. I finished a couple of my animal paintings right off the bat and then myself, Alex, and Kimiii had ourselves an animal mix up battle! This is a sample of some of the ridiculous combinations that were derived from the night!