Working on a t-shirt design for a campus sustainability group based in the good ol AZ desert. Here's my first take on it.


Heads will roll

As a tribute to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song, "Heads Will Roll" I made this bookmark. Although inspired by the song I decided to draw my influence for the bookmark from Dia de los Muertos.


There's "video game" in the title. You're not overdressed.

A day at the zoo

Another day, another zoo trip. Only had an hour so there's not a lot of breadth to the sketches, but I cleaned up the pages after the fact and added a few design elements. Ok, they're squares. I added squares.


Art night 3.8.10

Hung out last night with a few of my art buddies breaking in my new table, eating, drinking and generally having a good time. I finished a couple of my animal paintings right off the bat and then myself, Alex, and Kimiii had ourselves an animal mix up battle! This is a sample of some of the ridiculous combinations that were derived from the night!