Another amazing creation from Eli

There is no end to the incredible work put out by Elias Glasch. This piece is based off of an aristocratic wolf I did some time back. The sketch is at the beginning of the video, check it out!

Royal Wolf from Elias Glasch on Vimeo.


There be dragons!

A few dragon designs for a short film!


Second Holiday card finished!

The second card features the Little Mermaid from Hans Christian Anderson's classic fairy tales!

3D is amazing

So the other day a friend of mine by the name of Elias Glasch sent me a message saying he had modeled a sketch I did about a year back. I was so blown away by it that I wanted to share it here and give a shout out. Here is a full turnaround of the model followed by the original sketch.

Tree House from Elias Glasch on Vimeo.

It's an absolute treat to see something you've done come
to life the way Elias has modeled it and so I'm hoping to be able to provide more content for him to breath life into in the future, starting with this handsome Buck.

Also, some sketches.


Currently reading through some Hans Christian Anderson in preparation for my holiday card set and was inspired to do a piece based on the Snow Queen! Such wonderful imagery in classic fairly tales.

Speaking of holiday cards, here is the first for my set, a Hans Christian Anderson Hanukkah! This piece is based off the story of "The Little Match Girl."

Also, some random sketches.