Urban Rabbit

Continuing on with my New York animal series!



More sketches, just going to keep them coming

Hello mountain, pleased to meet you

So, my friend and I went out today in search of a means of talking to some mountains this season and I ended up with what I feel will be some excellent ice breakers for introducing myself. I'll bring pictures, and maybe even some drawings, back from 10,000 ft.


A couple pieces I finished up in my sketchbook today. I'll be coloring them as soon as I don't have papers to write!



I suppose this is what happens when you want to keep your mind busy but aren't quite ready to dive into studying.


Another sketch!

A sketch I finished earlier today and spot colored with photoshop.

A friend of mine asked me to design a "portrait tattoo" for his wife in respect to Alice in Wonderland. Hurray for Lewis Carroll and hurray for tea. Cheers.

Self Portrait Sketch


Time to take it slow!

The semester has come to an end and with it, the daily chronicling of my life... for now. Although it's quite possible that I will be particularly diligent with my comics, life has a way of derailing plans and I might find myself carried away from these little life story vignettes.

Even if my comic becomes derelict for the break I plan on being extremely active with other projects which I will continue to post here!



Moonlight dancer

This is a piece I recently finished as a good luck charm for an amazing and talented girl I know. I was a little apprehensive about using such a bold yellow for the moon, but it ended up being muted enough to provide a nice vignette for the figure.

Tucson has penguin weather too.


A Belated Thanksgiving

First of all, yes, these are the two characters from Mutts. I was recently introduced to this quaint and adorable comic (apparently I had been living in darkness beforehand) and have been enamored with it since. Patrick McDonnell does amazing work and this is perhaps my way of paying tribute to him. Imitation is the truest form of flattery they say!

Thanksgiving is a chance to share the company of friends and family, to enjoy good food, have your parents and aunts and uncles share dreadful, horrible stories of "when you were this tall...," but most of all it's a chance to reflect on your life and the things that maybe don't get as much frontal lobe time as they should during the year.

This year I was fortunate enough to be able to see both my dad's side and mom's side of the family and it reminded me how thankful I am for the great family, near and extended, that I have and the importance of acknowledging those that support and hold you up.

Thank you everyone for your support and happy Thanksgiving!


Comic Backlog

The past couple of days have been all over the place and I forgot to update the comic so here's the past couple!


There are times in your life when things just seem to fall into place. This is an illustration of such a time.


Yesterday the UofA hosted an event for TOMS shoes, which is a company that puts shoes on the feet of children in Africa. For every pair of shoes purchased from their store they send a pair of shoes to Africa. Good deal.

TOMS shoes invited local artists to help out by hanging out on the mall for the day and work their art mojo on shoes purchased at the event. There were a good deal of artists at the event ranging from students of the art college to faculty and other local artists, all of whom did amazing work! Thanks to the art coordinator, Liza, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate as well and so spent a solid five hours hanging out with my trusty Prismacolor pens doing what I could to help out! The images above are an example of an "Alice in Wonderland" set I took home to finish (5 hours is not enough time!).

Overall the event was a huge success and between yesterday's event and an earlier one the TOMS shoes group on campus has been able to donate over 200 shoes! To find out more go to the TOMS shoes addy and take a look!

Sushi Party


I've been playing with photoshop as a means of actually painting (novel, right?) and layer blending options and have been really enjoying it. This was the result of those experiments on an illustration I had promised a friend!




So today I decided to take some time out of my day and scan my sketchbook (some of it, at least) into the computer. These are a couple pieces that were done with my new triplus fine liner set!

Daylight Savings Time