Yesterday the UofA hosted an event for TOMS shoes, which is a company that puts shoes on the feet of children in Africa. For every pair of shoes purchased from their store they send a pair of shoes to Africa. Good deal.

TOMS shoes invited local artists to help out by hanging out on the mall for the day and work their art mojo on shoes purchased at the event. There were a good deal of artists at the event ranging from students of the art college to faculty and other local artists, all of whom did amazing work! Thanks to the art coordinator, Liza, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate as well and so spent a solid five hours hanging out with my trusty Prismacolor pens doing what I could to help out! The images above are an example of an "Alice in Wonderland" set I took home to finish (5 hours is not enough time!).

Overall the event was a huge success and between yesterday's event and an earlier one the TOMS shoes group on campus has been able to donate over 200 shoes! To find out more go to the TOMS shoes addy and take a look!

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