Physalia Jellyfish Concept Sheet

So I've had this project on the back burner for quite some time, but now that I find myself with extra time on my hands I'm immersing myself once more in my children's book, Physalia, Jellyfish Princess.
Right now it's in the very early stages but I just finished a few concepts for how I want her to look but thought I would share them here before I head off for the holidays and would love to hear feedback as to what people think!

I'm excited to come back and work on this project more in the New Year! Until then, happy holidays everyone!


Etsy Shop is Live!

Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that "A Grimm Christmas" is now available for purchase over at Etsy! I've included a widget over to the right for quick access.

I'd also like to share some photos of the finished project! I'm really happy with how they turned out!



I'm happy to announce that I just finished the final card in my Grimm Christmas, Rumpelstiltskin!!
I'm working on putting together an Etsy shop and will have them available for purchase there soon! I'll have an update when it's ready! Until then, please enjoy this woven contraption!


Card Update

Just finished the Snow White card and wanted to put it up! Now to work on Rumpelstiltskin!


Christmas Cards!

As promised, I'm posting an update on the Christmas Card set I'm working on right now. The inspiration for this year's set is none other than the classic tales of the Brother's Grimm, lending themselves to what I'm calling my "Grimm Christmas." These first three cards are taken from the classic stories of Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel!

So far I've only finished 3, but the 4th and 5th are right around the corner!



Today I had the pleasure of doing some fan art for an adorable video created by a friend of a friend. The video is about a friendship formed between to wayward souls, one of which happens to be a dragon! Here is the artwork, as well as a link to the short pre-vis animatic!


Every Company needs a Kraken

It's that time of year again and I'm working hard at a brand new holiday card set! This time, I'm adapting some of my favorite Brother's Grimm fairy tales into some greeting cheer! I'll be posting some of the cards soon, but before that, I'd like to introduce Pete, the company kraken.

Truly, no one is more productive.