Today I had the pleasure of doing some fan art for an adorable video created by a friend of a friend. The video is about a friendship formed between to wayward souls, one of which happens to be a dragon! Here is the artwork, as well as a link to the short pre-vis animatic!



  1. I was the receiver of this beautiful piece, and I just wanted to say that your work is absolutely stunning! You captured their relationship so perfectly, and it's wonderful to see another artist's rendition.

    Thank you very, very much! Our mutual friend has also gotten an earful about my gratitude and how much I adore this piece. It's one of the most unique and personal gifts I've ever received.

  2. It was my pleasure! The interesting character design made this a lot of fun to work on and it's always fun to tackle gifts! I'm really glad you enjoy it!

    I'm very thankful to our mutual friend for this request!