More Erotic Art

A couple more pieces that ended up in the Erotic Art show.


The first of many

Working on a 4 part serious of deformed bodies. This is the first installment in what is to become a very entertaining piece. The hands are so bloody!

Time is a tricky thing

So as you may have noticed, no comic ever appeared yesterday (thursday) in the paper or on my blog. This is, simply put, because I forgot to do it. Well, "forgot" may not be the most appropriate word here because I actually chose not to do it, not because I didn't feel like it, but because I honestly thought it was the weekend on Wednesday. As strange as that may sound hear me out.

When I go to bed I unconsciously determine whether or not the next day is a school/work day or the weekend based on what classes I have that day. If it's monday, for example, I'll go to bed with "class at 9:30" ingrained in my mind and when I wake up, I'll be in the mindset to go to class and work on the comic when I get home. It just so happens that my wed class had been canceled so when I went to sleep on Tuesday I had "no class" in mind which, apparently, translated into me thinking it was the weekend. As such, I did what any outstanding college student would do... nothing!

So, my apologies to those who picked up a paper expecting a distraction only to find news and pertinent information about our world.


Wednesday's Comic

A little late, sorry for the inconsistancies!


RSS feed reader

So with my website up and running, I thought it would be cool if I could throw in an RSS feed reader so that people could see what was going on with my blog at a glance. Not to mention it would make my site seem like it was always new and fresh. I'm having trouble finding a solid reader, though. A lot of sites offer RSS to Java conversions that let you toss it into your site wherever, but they don't seem to import the images from this blog. Perhaps I'll look into a PHP based reader...

My own personal Island


My friends are nerds.

Going to be in an "Erotic" art show

The Latin Cultural Exchange gallery is doing an "erotic" show which is, well, exactly as it sounds like. Anyhoo, I was invited to show in it at the last minute so I finished these up last night for it.