Time is a tricky thing

So as you may have noticed, no comic ever appeared yesterday (thursday) in the paper or on my blog. This is, simply put, because I forgot to do it. Well, "forgot" may not be the most appropriate word here because I actually chose not to do it, not because I didn't feel like it, but because I honestly thought it was the weekend on Wednesday. As strange as that may sound hear me out.

When I go to bed I unconsciously determine whether or not the next day is a school/work day or the weekend based on what classes I have that day. If it's monday, for example, I'll go to bed with "class at 9:30" ingrained in my mind and when I wake up, I'll be in the mindset to go to class and work on the comic when I get home. It just so happens that my wed class had been canceled so when I went to sleep on Tuesday I had "no class" in mind which, apparently, translated into me thinking it was the weekend. As such, I did what any outstanding college student would do... nothing!

So, my apologies to those who picked up a paper expecting a distraction only to find news and pertinent information about our world.

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