Do-it-yourself Turtle

For those that might be interested in partaking in a night of turtles.


Green is the new pink?

A friend of mine dropped by today and by the end of the day I had done this portrait of her and her amazing green shirt. What's not to love about green? It helps the environment, makes for a delicious salsa, and colors the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Live on Green, we're all behind you.

It's like chasing rainbows.


Markers abound!

After having done the Mucha inspired piece "Distomos" I found that coloring with markers not only wasn't horrid and despicable, as many of my art teachers would have me believe, but rather, quite enjoyable! As such, these past two pieces I have been working on were rounded off with renewed enthusiasm for markers!



Another doodle

This is a piece I just finished for someone I know who's got one foot in WoW and one foot in FFXI.

Midterm whisperer.

Family Weekend

This is an editorial piece I did for a family weekend special event. The idea was to emphasize how college is both a time to forge an autonomous identity for one's self and realize the importance of family ties that one might take for granted or overlook.


New artwork for the "Deformity" series!

Just finished up this piece to round out my "Deformity" series. I'm quite happy with how the watercolor came out! Unfortuantely, the piece I tackled right before this ended up being a "warm-up" and came out considerably less impressive. On the up side, part of it is making for a great color palette!

The mind is a sponge.