The Avian Orchid

A piece I did for a friend of mine featuring  his friends are Dharma researchers in the midst of a glowing discovery!



Done for a friend of mine who's recently taken up the "Chakra Arts." I figured she will be able to fly soon, so I thought I would get a head start!


Happy Valentines Day!

A little Valentines Day love from the watery depths!


Steve the Dragon

A commission from a friend of mine to envision him as a dragon!


A Light in the Depths

A little sketch before I head off to bed.  I'm going to my first ever flea market tomorrow and it's quite exciting, so I did this to help center myself.


Working on some raccoon designs for a painting! Here are some of them so far!

It's a Bear!

I did this sketch earlier today and decided to try painting it! Hurray for bears!


Sir Samuel (Fuzzy)

Another addition to the heroes of Dan Lo'rez. This piece has a bit more environment than I'm used to as well as a lot of fur, so much fur, so it was a challenge, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out!



This most recent piece has made me realize how hard it really is to place characters in settings. I've a lot more to learn, but I'll keep moving forward!