Trying to get my photoshop on.


Thank you Chris Sanders

So the other day I went with my friends Chris Newberg and Rachel "Word" Wordelman to go see How to Train your Dragon as they had not yet seen it. Myself and my Chris absolutely loved the movie, especially the art directing (again, thank you Chris Sanders) and the story telling. Word enjoyed the movie as well, but was not as impressed with this Dreamworks masterpiece as she had been with Shrek. I suppose there's something to say about the power of pop.

In any case, we all went out to lunch after the movie and as per usual outings I ended up sketching a few things. Unfortunately, I had not brought my sketchbook so I had to settle for napkins.


Work Training

Started training today for another Census job and let me be the first to say that the government is not very liberal with the entertainment factor of their training courses. At the very least, it does afford some time to catch up on sketching.


Vietnamese food

While grabbing lunch with my good friend Alex at a local Vietnamese food restaurant I realized that it would be very frustrating to be an animal with all of the "don't feed the animal signs around." As such, it makes sense that animals would adapt to simply eating the signs. That's what I'd do.