If you haven't seen this yet...

It's finally here! Well, the teaser, at least. Pixar just recently released the teaser trailer for their upcoming movie "Brave" (originally the Bear and the Bow) and I can't begin to express my excitement! I could start to gush over it, or you could simply see the magic and wonder for yourself:

Amazing, right?!

Gone Fishing


The Sap Lady

So apparently there are places in this world where parents warn their children not to play on the beach at night by telling them stories of an old hag that walks that narrow strip between land and sea in the hours between twilight and sun rise. This hag carries with her a sack of sap and if she comes across a child will use this sap to seal the child's eyes shut and then stash them in her sticky sap sack where they are held captive until she takes them back to her dwelling where she entombs them in amber for all eternity. This hag is known as the Sap Lady.

These are the things parents actually tell their children.

I'll stick to Humpty Dumpty, thank you, and it's message that even with teamwork, spanning species, no less, there are some things you just can't fix.


Yenus Expressions

My friend set up an expression exercise over on sketchoholic so this is a sheet I threw together in an hour or so. This is an expression sheet for Yenus, one of the characters in the film I'm working on. The expressions, for those interested, are the following (from left to right, top to bottom): stern, drunk, "I just got my girlfriend pregnant?!," confused, and tired.

You can never have too much practice with expressions so head over and check it out!



For those of you who have never been to sketchoholic.com, it's an amazing community site for artists to create and participate in "contests" which are essentially just themed art exercises. It's great if you're looking for some inspiration and feedback (and sometimes even cool prizes!). This was a piece done for such a contest. A fun exercise in mixing and matching a few different animals!


Down the Tracks

A really quick photoshop study inspired by a coworker's boots. Apparently clothing is my thing of the week.



A few sketches done during lunch today around this nature loving girl. Inspiration came from a picture of a plaid shirt!

Building Blocks