Cyrene Spread

This is the spread I came up with for Empress Cyrene. I added a bit of texture just to give it a more authentic air.

The A-cup bump.



A few more sketches

I was unfortunately somewhat busy today with job training and taking my car in for a tune up so I was only able to get a few sketches out today. The first is a panorama of "Pandora's Peak" and the second is a few concept sketches for our British adventurer!


Voyager's League

I recently met an interesting fellow at a pictionary party and was invited to join a group of talented UofA students in designing what I can only say is the coolest Disney ride I have yet to experience. I'm not sure to what extent I'm at liberty to commit thoughts to paper, so to speak, or to divulge the specifics of this project, as it is part of a fairly prominent competition, but I'd like to begin sharing some of the visual ideas that I'm sure will dominate my mind for the next month.

These two pages from my sketchbook are the tip of the iceberg. A very large, Titanic sinking one at that. Expect more, often!