Urban Rabbit

Continuing on with my New York animal series!



More sketches, just going to keep them coming

Hello mountain, pleased to meet you

So, my friend and I went out today in search of a means of talking to some mountains this season and I ended up with what I feel will be some excellent ice breakers for introducing myself. I'll bring pictures, and maybe even some drawings, back from 10,000 ft.


A couple pieces I finished up in my sketchbook today. I'll be coloring them as soon as I don't have papers to write!



I suppose this is what happens when you want to keep your mind busy but aren't quite ready to dive into studying.


Another sketch!

A sketch I finished earlier today and spot colored with photoshop.

A friend of mine asked me to design a "portrait tattoo" for his wife in respect to Alice in Wonderland. Hurray for Lewis Carroll and hurray for tea. Cheers.

Self Portrait Sketch


Time to take it slow!

The semester has come to an end and with it, the daily chronicling of my life... for now. Although it's quite possible that I will be particularly diligent with my comics, life has a way of derailing plans and I might find myself carried away from these little life story vignettes.

Even if my comic becomes derelict for the break I plan on being extremely active with other projects which I will continue to post here!



Moonlight dancer

This is a piece I recently finished as a good luck charm for an amazing and talented girl I know. I was a little apprehensive about using such a bold yellow for the moon, but it ended up being muted enough to provide a nice vignette for the figure.

Tucson has penguin weather too.