I've been meaning to do a painting of one of our other characters in the D&D campaign I play in, so, here it is!


  1. Is this a gnome? Or halfling? You said D&D! great work lane. Really love the incidental marks you put in gives a great feel to things. You could play up the light bloom from the spell, green to red transition. Looks like you did some and maybe toned it back, like on the face? Might bring out the maniacal feeling a bit more. anyhows, great work! Is this 4E or PF or retro clone?

  2. Hey Clay! Thanks for the tips! This is for a 4E campaign, as are all of the other characters. This particular character is a gnome although I suppose I can see the halfling in him. I hope you're doing well! Cheers!

  3. I use to love when you drew our characters for our table top RPG's. I would love to find our old character sheets to see them again. :)